Pundits, Logistics, & Where’s Radar When We Need Him?

What’s the Problem?

Systems Need A Plan

Don’t Be Righteous

The Virus Has No Favorites

Action Steps

  1. Funding needs to be provided by Congress
  2. Distribution needs to be coordinated by a single source such as the CDC or WHO building on existing systems already in place.
  3. Documentation needs to be done at all levels in order to insure retrospective assessment of the process. Duplication of effort is inevitable on this first round, but does not need to be a barrier on the next round.
  4. I am staying home except for essential trips. I wear a mask the minute I get in my car and don’t take it off until I get home. I wash my hands frequently. I patiently wait for people to select purchases in stores and keep a safe distance from them. I thank all the folks who make my life possible.



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Mary L Flett

Mary L Flett

Dr. Mary L. Flett brings humor, compassion, and a deep understanding of human foibles to her writing about life and navigating the challenges aging presents.