News of the World

Watertown Daily Times


Journalism is Alive and Well

What I learned in scrolling through these papers is that journalism is alive and well, just different. Coverage of local issues includes races for city council and school board. Weather is more than just temperature and humidity; it includes the impact on local farmers and fisheries. Obituaries mark the official passing of community members and club announcements provide reassurance that life goes on in spite of grief and loss. Local sports teams at all levels are covered with passion and give athletes their 15 minutes of fame.

Similar Struggles

Shared Humanity

Coverage of the day-to-day happenings really isn’t so different between these communities. It does change in intensity, especially when something like the horror of what happened in Uvalde becomes known. What seems to be true is that we share a certain humanity.





North Dakota

Vulnerable but Steady

For me, this sampling of life around the country eases some of my worry. People are going about their lives as best they can, even when those lives are disrupted by something as dramatic and violent as the carnage in Uvalde. The outpouring of love and concern is reassuring, but will be brief.



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Mary L Flett

Mary L Flett

Dr. Mary L. Flett brings humor, compassion, and a deep understanding of human foibles to her writing about life and navigating the challenges aging presents.